Scaffolding Services

Designed Equipment Corp. is a swing stage manufacturer as well as a rental and installation provider. No job is too big or small for DEC. We provide everything from same-day installation of the light-duty canopy in the city of Chicago to complex custom manufactured swing stage and material handling jobs. We work on Chicago’s biggest projects from The Vista to One Chicago and O’Hare airport. We can help your company formulate a plan for your next access job. With our experienced outside sales, project management, and internal engineering and fabrication, we are a one-stop-shop.

Industrial Solutions

Scaffolding Sales

We manufacture our modular swing stage at our facility in Elk Grove, IL; this allows us the flexibility of creating custom pieces. Our modular swing stages come in several lengths, which enables us to build any size swing stage. DEC mod is UL certified and meets all applicable OSHA codes. You can rent, buy, and have us install.

Scaffolding Rentals

Designed Equipment provides rental scaffolding solutions for all your job’s needs. From traditional frame scaffolding and all of its components to shoring, canopy, and systems scaffold, we are fully equipped with custom materials, knowledge, and expertise from our team of scaffold specialists to bring your projects safely, on time, and budget.


Our safety training team provides hands-on training to our personnel and customers, allowing DEC to promulgate product safety regulations from various groups, such as OSHA, and influence customers to trust our expertise.


Designed Equipment offers a wide range of repair services. Our strong teams of technicians are certified on Tirak, Bisomac, Hi-lo & Beta Max hoists. We also repair step-downs, booster, modular swing stages, & deck replacement on aluminum planks.

Fall Protection Safety & Sales

Designed Equipment offers a wide selection of safety equipment; we carry Miller Fall Protection, FallStop by Tractel. We also have 5/8″ polydac safety lines in spools of 600′, 1200′, & 2400′, which could also be cut to custom lengths.

Custom Engineering & Fabrication

Designed Equipment is unique because we are the swing stage manufacturer, installer, and designer. What makes this even better is it is all under one roof. Everything is done at our Elk Grove Village location. We do not rely on a corporate engineering department or approvals from management to produce one-off products. If there is a need, we build it. We design all of our products and test them to meet UL and OSHA codes in-house. From gantry setups to 5×5 beams and much, much more.

Our Facility

Our office and warehouse facility in Elk Grove, IL, is strategically located to serve our clients’ needs in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

We proudly deliver a combination of comprehensive products and services that include Scaffolding, Swing Stage, Mono Rail, Canopy, Shoring, Netting, and Systems Scaffolds. DEC also builds UL-listed mod and rigging products in-house.

In-House Capabilities

Designed Equipment Corporation maximizes the new technology design process in our continued efforts to maintain and enhance our leadership position in engineering and design. Our engineering and design capabilities provide competitive pricing, customized scaffolding, fast, reliable, safe, cost-effective, innovative, and profitable combination of products and services to support our clients’ primary and most complex projects.