Construction Installation

Canopy Provider

by Designed Equipment

Designed Equipment is a certified City of Chicago pedestrian canopy provider. From 20′ light-duty canopies to 14′ high drive canopies, We have the solutions for all your canopy needs. If you’re in the city of Chicago, look for the Red, White, and Blue eagle; that is DEC pride.


Sidewalk canopy has many names… in NYC, it’s called a bridge. In Chicago, you will hear it called overhead protection or just simply canopy. Designed Equipment Corp. can provide you with the canopy that fits your needs. We offer light-duty rollers, heavy-duty 8×8 frame canopy, and canopy in a post from 8′ tall to 14′ tall to meet the city of Chicago compliance for alleyways. DEC, as always, can help you turnkey your projects with engineered drawings, the required permits, pricing your job, and setting it up with quality union laborers and ironworkers. DEC is a city of Chicago-approved installer for light-duty and heavy-duty canopy.